How You are Helping Orphans


We Donate 25% of your Purchase to Help Orphans
we will also have events of our "1 for you, 1 for an orphan" program, so be watching for them!

Here are some of the places your help will go

- Nonprofit Organizations helping Orphans - Bethel China and Love Without Boundaries (listed below)
- Families who are in the process of adopting a child - children need families, but adoption can be expensive
- Donations specific to a child's adoption fund

Bethel - provides high-quality care, education, life skills and livelihood opportunities to blind and visually impaired orphans

Love Without Boundaries

We participated in Love Without Boundaries Cleft Exchange in April 2014. You donated hats through our "1 for you, 1 for an orphan" program, and you also bought hats at 1/2 price to directly give as a gift. Our hats provided warmth, comfort, and a way for these orphans to feel special after their cleft lip and palate surgeries. We hope to continue being a part of this program next year with the help of you!

Here are a couple of the special little ones who you helped.

We have also donated to

Half the Sky Foundation

Reece's Rainbow

Zhanjiang Kids Organization

Why is this important to us?

It all started in 2005, when my husband and I watched a documentary about orphans in China. We felt a strong impression that our 4th child was in China. We adopted our little girl at 6 months of age in 2007. Our hearts had been changed and our thoughts never left orphans around the world. We didn't look at the world the same anymore.

A couple of years later we went back for another little girl, age 2, who has a significant vision impairment and some other special needs. She has added such joy to our lives. In 2012, we went back yet again for a 10 year old boy. He came to us with cerebral palsy and no education. It has been heartbreaking to watch the love and care he missed out on the first years of his life.

I started helping find families for orphans (we call it "advocating") after we adopted our 2nd time, and started an advocacy site advocating for 20 children at a time, plus 20 urgent case children. It is called Twenty Less.

When I am working in this community of friends and advocates, it just feels right.  We advocate for individual children and we watch them come home to loving families. There is really nothing more rewarding than that. 

More than gaining business success with Sprout Tops, our desire is to continue to help the cause of orphans around the world in our small way. We know there are many orphans around the world who need our help. We have heard their stories and have seen their faces.

There are so many ways to help orphans, and we thank YOU for helping them.