December 11, 2013

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Our "1 for you, 1 for an orphan" program

We are so excited to announce our new program!

Our new "1 for you, 1 for an orphan" program will put a warm hat on an orphan's head for every hat purchased at Sprout Tops.

We will be working with two organizations who work directly with orphans. They help these children in many ways from clothing them, feeding them, and serving their medical needs, to giving them lots of love and helping them find families to adopt them. 

We are so grateful for what they do each and every day for these precious children.

Love Without Boundaries


Here is more information on how it works and why we are doing this.

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February 22, 2015

Thank you very much for the link to this video and cause. I suspect the acatul number of kids with autism is higher than what is recorded on the video. Many kids are borderline. I friend of mine has a son that has been diagnosed with turrets, which is considered a form of autism. I also know at least 4 other families that have autistic children. One cause that has been extensively denied by the medical community, but pushed by concerned parents, is the connection between heavy metals, including mercury from early vaccines, and autism. Infants in the US are bombarded with vaccines beginning days after birth. While I am grateful for the progress we have made in combating serious disease, I am also concerned that our current method of vaccinating for as many diseases as possible, as soon as possible, may not be the best idea. It would be heartbreaking, but an excellent experience, to visit an orphanage in China. Thank you for looking into this opportunity.

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