January 14, 2014


People Helping Orphans - Robert Molloy

Robert Molloy is a student at a University in Ireland. He has a passion for helping children, especially orphans. He advocates for them and travels far to visit them, using up all of his time doing good. I have been very inspired by his determination and heart. I hope you can catch a little bit of his wonderful spirit as you read his story.

                                                        Robert with some children at Eagle's Wings Foster Home

How did you get started helping orphans?

I went on my first volunteer trip to China in 2011 and spent two incredible and life-changing weeks with Bring Me Hope Foundation at summer camps. I spent two weeks with two different amazing kids. One great thing is that both of these children are now with their forever families in America! I've seen God do some amazing things for these children, through being able to advocate for them and find them families.

Robert's first trip to China in 2011                                                Robert's first trip to China in 2011, photo by Kristen Chase

I have gone back every summer and have done Bring Me Hope camp as well as worked with some other amazing organisations!
I actually just got back from my 4th trip and was able to visit some kids I met on my very first trip in 2011 and have seen every trip since. Now that is awesome! 
With lots of help from some friends, I advocated for the first orphan I ever worked with! This was an amazing experience! Then the next year I started advocating for some more kids I had met, and found families for 3 of those kids, and since then many more. Each time a family says YES to making a child their own feels just like that very first time over again. God has given me a big heart for this work and I am now the advocacy coordinator for Bring Me Hope, a great privilege. 

What in your life prepared you for this?
I have always liked working with kids and have done lots of work like this at my church through sunday school, kids clubs and youth groups. I am also the oldest child in my family and used to being a big brother. In China I am known as Rob GeGe (Big Brother Rob) or LuoBo Gege (my chinese name)!!
For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of travelling to Africa to work with orphans and children, but then ended up going to China and fell in love there!

What is your favorite thing about it?
One of my favourite things is seeing the kids so excited when they see you return to visit them again! When they realise they haven't been forgotten but that they really are special!

                                           Robert with a little girl he loves very much and is trying to find a family for.

After the summer at Bring Me Hope we launched our first advocacy site called Defend, as God calls us to Defend the orphan. The aim is simple, 'upholding the cause of the fatherless'. We feature some of the amazing kids who have been to Bring Me Hope summer camps who are waiting for their own families. Our wish is that as many kids as possible, can find their own families.

What is one of the hardest things about it?
One of the hardest things is seeing how much some of these children really desperately desire for a family of their own. Many of them have seen so many of their friends find families, yet they continue to wait. Now that is hard. I've cried over many of these kids whose chances of finding families reduce every day.

                                          Robert with one of his favorite buddies, who wants a family of his very own.

What is one of your best experiences?
Can I only pick one? About this time last year I got to visit my first orphan buddy with his forever family! That was so so special. I was a little nervous as I didn't know how he would react but after a few minutes of awkwardness we were best friends again! We both cried heavily saying goodbye at camp, and at that stage I never imagined I would get to see him again or that he would even be adopted, but 18 months later I was with him and his family. Adoption changes lives. Fact. 

What would you tell someone who wants to help?
Please consider being part of that and seeing some amazing children who wait for their own families at Defend.
I believe anyone can change the world, change the world for one person that is. That's all we can do.
Consider adoption or volunteering at summer camp. You will never be the same, guarantee.



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Gail Thacker
Gail Thacker

January 26, 2014

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