May 01, 2014

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ALL of the Sprout Tops - LWB Cleft Exchange hats

I was so overwhelmed last night to get all of these photos of the children LWB helped, in our hats! It is like a dream come true to help and be a part of this in this small but important way. The lady who sent me the photos said that the animal hats made the nannies and kids laugh, so we sent them some smiles too!

If you have any questions about orphans or adoptions, feel free to ask me. At least I can point you to the right resources. Thanks again for your help! Enjoy these precious children.

We'll start out with precious Alana (top) and Ander

Here is Aimee, Harley, and then Aimee and Harley together being cute.

Introducing Freddie (the Frog)!

and sweet Tyrone (top) and Eddard as giraffes

one more of Tyrone in his owl hat

Can't forget Beautiful Karis

or Jennifer!

and handsome Kenny (top) and gorgeous Maureen

Aren't they all sweet?

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February 21, 2015

garrettJuly 1, 2012hey i heard about this clothing copmany your trying to start and it has such a cool old school design! It looks like your really interested in this i hope it becomes big. From my experience a good way to help that is to make stickers and just give them out to your friends and sticker slap them everywhere also make a fb page and have the first hundred likes get entered into a raffle for a free shirt! If you do make stickers i will get some from the site and pass them around where i live to help you out! Keep up the good work and rad surf designs!!!

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