October 30, 2013

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Halloween Photo Contest - 3 Winners!

We're running a contest, 3 lucky winner will get a FREE hat!

The prize? 
3 Winners will get their favorite hat shipped to them. Find your favorite http://sprouttops.com/collections/all

How do I enter?
Take a photo of your kid(s)/family in their costumes, post them to instagram and add the hashtag #sprouttops along with your photo. That's it!
-Or- you can post your photo on our contest post on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/sprouttops That works too.

How do you choose the winner?
Our six children, ages 4-17 will vote on their 3 favorites. 

When will your kids choose the winner?
On November 3rd, we will pick and announce our 3 winners.

How will I know if I won?
We will comment on your instagram post or facebook comment/photo to let you know you have won. We will let you know what to do next.

Pretty easy, right?
Can't wait to see your fun Halloween photos, and can't wait to send out 3 hats!!

Here is one of our entries to get you excited! Don't be chicken, just enter! 

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February 22, 2015

Hello Angie, it so nice to have you back and in the swing of things again! I live in Ohio and use fcoaboek ( and pintrest). I am a hobby demo:-) I was wondering how you like the stampin up software program.? I keep going back and forth on any decisions on purchasing it. I have watched some instructional videos but they look way out of my league! I have to say i am so happy you are making videos again. I REALLY broke my leg about 2 weeks ago and your posts are all the craftin I can get, it’s hard on an addict!

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