January 27, 2014


Helping Orphans Feel Special

In some parts of China, children born with facial deformities are treated differently due to cultural stereotypes.

Love Without Boundaries is preparing a week-long trip in which dozens of children will receive life-changing surgeries to repair cleft lip or palate. We have partnered with Love Without Boundaries to make it easy and inexpensive for people to donate our hats to these sweet children. You can purchase a hat at 50% off as a gift to an orphan. LWB will hand deliver your hat to one of the children after their surgery. We hope they will feel special and comforted by our hats.

photo courtesy of Love Without Boundaries.
This is a photo of some babies after their surgeries on one of LWB's past trips.

There are also other ways to help. Do you know that many times in other countries pain relief is not readily available for children after surgeries? A $10 donation can help a child heal faster and have less pain after their surgery. A $20 donation will provide formula and Pedialyte for good nutrition and hydration for a child after surgery. They are also looking for colorful handmade bibs! So many ways to help these precious children. Here are the details.

We thank Love Without Boundaries for the amazing work they do every day to help orphans all over China.

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