January 29, 2014


Families Adopting - The Kamplain Family Adopting from China

I have really been taken by this family as I've watched their journey of adoption. I think you will enjoy their story. 

How and why did you decide to adopt? 
God started working on our hearts when we were pretty young, about 23. He slowly introduced us to the thought that we would have children through adoption! & there were a few times through those years I would think to myself 'there's no way this is ever going to happen, its such a long hard process & so expensive' but God kept encouraging us!

Why did you choose to adopt from China?
It was always China in our hearts! Not sure why God chose China but he did! Before we were even old enough we knew it would be China, although we did spend a ton of time praying where we were to adopt from! We prayed about foster care, we prayed about Africa, the U.S., China, Korea, Bulgaria...we were willing to go where ever God told us! 

What has been the hardest part about the process so far? 
Knowing that our daughters are without us, that they have been for so long!
Raising all the money has been hard as well but, God has provided every bit of it & still is!

What has been the most rewarding thing about the process so far?
Learning how to completely rely on God! I thought I had strong Faith & a close relationship with God before, but I have learned so much through this! How to trust & listen! & I have learned,  I'm not in control!! If our paperwork doesn't get somewhere when I thought it should...it will actually be ok lol! I do not count down days to each approval! I do not have all these dates memorized! My God is in control...not China or the U.S. I just have to trust!

Tell us about your girls and how you found them.
We hadn't done a HS or signed with an agency. We figured we would save & fundraise for at least a year then get started (back when we thought we were in control lol) we did our first fundraiser in Dec. 2013 within a week God showed us our Vivian Grace (Dec. 21, this date I remember). We continued with her adoption & were told we would more then likely be traveling in February, but then in October we saw Sheng Yue (Olivia Joyce) Vivi's friend, & God told us to pursue her as our daughter! I was in shock! I never thought this would be something I could handle! & maybe I cant but I know who can! 

What are some things you are worried about?
We are worried about our daughters health. We know Vivian Grace seems to be in stable health but Olivia Joyce will almost certainly have to have open heart surgery. Of course I also worry about how the girls will adjust & how they will bond, but I remind myself that God will help us, but I am human & I do worry! 

What are you excited about?
We are excited about everything! Having them home, getting to be the one's to wake them up, feed them, play with them, put them to bed! Even the things I'm worried about like the doctors appointments, the melt downs...I'm excited to even be able to experience that with them! 

What advice would you give someone thinking about adoption?
Pray! Pray! & pray some more! Dont wait till you feel as if your ready, do it when God says your ready! He will provide, emotionally, financially, spiritually!! He will take care of it all, you just have to trust him! Don't get caught up in the cost, or thinking how scary Special Needs are...he'll prepare you!

What advice would you give someone who can't adopt but would like to help orphans?
Sponsor a child, volunteer at you local children's home, donate to foster families or help out a family who is adopting, either with fundraising or by donating or even just praying for them...actually, especially praying for them!  There are so many things you can do even if you are not called to adopt!

How can we help you?
Pray for us & our daughters! For this process, for their health, for us all to be emotionally ready for each other & for us to stay spiritually strong!

You can follow the Kamplain family here



February 22, 2015

Hi, Adoption is basically the same presocs in all 50 states, the first step is deciding where you want to adopt through and to start a home study. A home study is a presocs that takes several months and includes items such as background checks, parenting classes, a financial review, home checks, meetings with a case worker and lots of paperwork. The state foster care system have both foster-to-adopt and waiting children programs. Most children who enter the foster care system are reunited with their parents or families. This is the goal of foster care, reunification of the child with the parents. With the foster-to-adopt program, If the parents rights are eventually terminated or relinquished and there is no family to take custody, the foster family can adopt the children.Waiting children are those whose parental rights have been terminated, relinquished or are in the presocs. These children are literally waiting for permanent homes, many are sibling groups.Our home study took about 3 months to complete and our first child was placed almost immediately. We set our preferences for waiting children and in less than 6 years we adopted 5 children. The oldest child placed with us was 4 1/2, the youngest was 2 days of age. When you adopt through foster care, the fees are nominal.Once a child’s parental rights are terminated by the courts in the US, the parents can not regain parental rights. Wishing you all the best !.


February 21, 2015

A family in our ccruhh was a foster parent to a baby who was born in prison. The family was signed up with a group who foster to adopt children born in prison. I don’t know the name of this group or anything like that. But they were taking in children of parents who were in jail. The couple hoped to foster to adopt a baby.They ended up adopting a little boy. They had him from not long after he was born. I think he was in prison with his mom for just a few days. The mom did not want him. So he was placed with this family. He was actually with the family for 2yrs I think. Then the mom was released. She got her son back saying she changed his mind. It lasted less than a week though since she was caught again on drug charges put back in jail losing custody of her son. The family then adopted him.This was about 10yrs ago in GA. That is all the info I know. I did some Google searches and found nothing on any group that fosters babies born in prison. I think these days the baby are more likely to stay with their moms in prison so the moms can bond with their kids.That is all I know on the subject. I do hope to some day foster to adopt. I looked into this too and all I know is you have to take classes go through a process to be approved as a foster parent. There are a lot of foster kids out there who need a home. Most of them though are children. One woman I spoke to on the phone about this told me here in GA there is a wait of about 5yrs for a baby in foster care.


January 31, 2014

Your trust and faith in God is incredibly inspiring! I cannot wait to meet sweet Vivian and Olivia. We are so excited for you and your family!

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